Succulent Fertilizers

/Almost everyone loves succulents because they require too little attention. But little attention is totally different from no care at all. Sometimes, gardeners are carried away with the thought of them not needing too much - death is not an exception to them just like other plants. They need water and sunlight but not as much as the other plants and that makes them an easy plant to care for if you are a busy bee. And just like most plants they need to be fertilized too. 


Honestly, your succulents doesn't necessarily need them. They can pretty much thrive on their own but if you want to give them a upper hand - fertilizing them will definitely work like a charm. 

Fertilizers will make your succulents healthier with fuller. With sufficient nutritional support, succulents grow more quickly, bloom more fully and have more perfect form. They are also better able to respond to environmental issues. With a light fertilizing, your succulents will truly thrive.


Just like other living things, succulents need food also - and it is not all necessarily coming from water and soil only. When feeding your sus, we /

need to be very careful about it since some chemical plant food is likely to burn succulents or even cause scarred or misshapen leaves. But when diluted just right with the right dosage it will all go well.   




1.Remove the tea bag from the packaging (but leave the tea bag as is) and then place it in a 5 gallon bucket (or any large bucket you have).

2.Fill the bucket nearly to the top with water. Run the water over the tea bag as you fill the bucket. The directions suggest using somewhere between 1 and 5 gallons of water. I used 5 gallons.

3.Cover the bucket and let the tea bag sit in the water for a few days. I didn’t want to fish the bag out of the water later, so I left the string hanging over the edge of the bucket.

4.After 2-3 days (or longer… I accidentally left mine for 4), open up the bucket and remove the tea bag. Now you can begin fertilizing!

The tea is mild enough that it won’t burn your succulents if it gets on top of the leaves. I poured the tea into a large watering can and generously poured it on my succulents just like I would with any other watering.

I only fertilized my outdoor succulents (I’ll tell you why a bit later) and I only watered them with the tea once. Here’s what they looked like before the manure tea fertilizer

The succulents looked healthy, although they were a little sparse. I was really curious to see how much the fertilizer would help. It was so amazing to see how quickly the fertilizer helped!

Within just 30 days I noticed a difference in how filled in the container of succulents became. They were all very healthy and growing quite large.