Apps than can help you identify your succulents

Succulents can be tricky to correctly identify. It is a good thing there are apps that can now help us with this! 
Below are the apps that you can download and use whenever you are having trouble identifying your succulents-
  • FlowerChecker is considered the most accurate among all the apps mentioned because your picture will be identified by an international team of experts.  It uses the expertise of real botanists to identify unknown plants, moss, fungus and even lichen. 

  • NatureGate allows you to identify your plant with a database of 700 species. It also helps to identify birds, fish and butterflies. 


  • Google Goggles works with the user taking a photograph. If the app recognizes what is in the picture, it will offer up suggestions of information on what it may be.  

  • PlantSnap is powered by deep learning and artificial intelligence and is changing the game for plant identification. The plant database is global and always provides results instantaneously. PlantSnap will recognize many of the plants or trees you may encounter, helping any amateur or skilled botany enthusiast identify on the go.

  • Plantifier has a team of people behind it from, helping to identifty unknown plants.

  • LikeThat Garden is a simple app available only in App Store. It involves the user photographing the plant in question, and the app filters through its database to find matches. This app also gives details of similar looking plants to give inspiration for your garden.   


  • Leafsnap is an app developed by the University of Maryland, Smithsonian Institute and Columbia University. it identifies leaf species from their leaves.  

  • iPflanzen requires you to enter the information (not photographs) such as a leaf shape or fruit color in order to figure out the specimen.