Caring for Succulents During Winter

It is not a surprise that most succulents originated from warm and dry regions such as desserts in Africa, Central America, the European Alps, South America and South Africa. Any sudden alterations to the plants natural habitat can contribute to its demise. Based on where you live and the types of succulents you are growing, your succulents may not be able to stay outside all year round. 

If you do have tender succulents (those that can’t handle freezing climates) and live in a climate with snow or many nights of freezing temperatures, you’ll need to bring your succulents inside in order for them to survive.


As a rule of thumb, you need to bring your succulents inside before the frost. If you are growing cold hardy succulents you can leave them outside all winter but if you are uncertain of what kind of succulents you have it safe to bring then inside.


It’s important to know what growing zone you live in. You should know the average low temperature for your area. For example: If you live in Utah you are at Zone 5. Most of the succulents you should own must be within zone 5 or below. All succulents rated higher than Zone 5 can’t survive the cold, and need to be indoors for the winter.


1. Identify what succulent you have - start with a good photo, check online and other social media platform to confirm what succulent you have. You may download apps that can help you identify your succulents. 

2. Identify which zone do they belong -once you successfully named them you can now start to check which zone do they belong.